If you knew a Big Lie prevents Americans from standing up for fair hiring, would you help us bust it?

Too many Americans believe American workers aren't qualified to fill today's high-tech jobs. This is a lie. Tech giants falsely accuse women, students, minorities and older workers to distract public attention from their discriminatory recruiting and hiring practices. Americans don't know that companies can legally avoid hiring talented Americans and even displace them with foreign workers they were forced to train.

Please join our national effort to restore American Opportunity by watching these videos and busting the Big Lies we've come to believe. Then pass it to your friends, family and co-workers. Americans will stand with us if they know.

Now is the time to circulate these videos. In the Senate, 5 Republicans, 4 Democrats and 1 Socialist have joined this national effort by demanding that the DOJ, DOL, and Homeland Security investigate Southern California Edison--and other employers--for making American tech workers train their foreign replacements.

If we don't circulate these videos, Americans can't be on our side. So it's up to us to tell the truth.

Dan Rather explains the secret: companies can ignore and displace Americans. According to the DOL's Strategic Plan, 2006-2011 (pages 34-35) states, "H-1B nondependent employers are not subject to the conditions [seeking U.S. workers first] and their H-1B workers may be hired even when a qualified U.S. worker wants the job, and a U.S. worker can be displaced from the job in favor of the foreign worker."

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